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copying desktop documents and start menu with restricted perms to local pc and redirecting folders to them

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hey all


long winded title.


My manager wants me to setup a restricted enviroment which ive had no trouble untill now setting up. They want it so that my documents/desktop isnt writeable only being able to write to the mapped drives.


Ive made a documents start menu and desktop folder all with the approperiate permissions


this is the netlogon script


set envpath=\\servernamewithheld\it\jprofiletest\envfiles\

del /f /s /q c:\ruser

xcopy %envpath%\ruser c:\ruser /E /K /O /I /R

gpupdate /force


i cant copy the files using those xcopy parameters even when though the domain users have explicit read permissions on the shares. if copying manually using ctrl+c it works fine.


the xcopy error is "File creation error - this security ID may not be assigned as the owner of the object"


Is there a better way to do this? i tried pointing them to a share on the server but it kept on trying to synchronise even though the permissions were set so no writing was possible.


If i manually set the perms using the local admin account it works but i dont want to have to do that for every computer..


oh yeah im a noob no certs no qual's



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