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All Systems Group contains 1,600 machines but my query based collection only has 55?

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Hi all,


We have enabled AD system discovery and have 1,600 machines in the All Systems group. Great start :-)


The issue I'm having is that in this group there's a split between workstations and laptops. Luckily the comapany has a good naming convention and all the workstations start with WSTN- and the laptops start with LPTP-. I've created a group with a query 'System name like WSTN-%' hoping to have a group only containing workstations. The problem is that this group only has 55 machines in it. The All System group has hundreds of machines starting with WSTN-.


Weird, as I'd either expect it not to work at all or contain the 400 hundred or so workstations. Just having 55 is a bit strange


any ideas?



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