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Windows 2008 R2 deploy different versions

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I followed the instrucations for deploying Windows 2008, and it works just fine. The issue that we're running into is that we normally only deploy Enterprise here at our organization. I've tried to go into the task sequence, and change it from Standard to Entprise the task will fail. Looks like it gets to the poing of running the installation, and then we get error code: 0x80220005.


Any ideas why the task will work if I leave it as Standard, but fails when I change to enterprise?

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Are you using a settings package? Does it contain settings for the proper OS that you're trying to deploy? You can always try disabling the settings package and then deploying. If it works, you know it's something in that package (probably with unattend.xml).


You might get some more information if you did into the C:\Windows\Panther folder. One of the logs in that directory might be more useful than your CCM logs at this point.

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