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Hi, i'm trying create procedure with system center



I have computer which is monitored by SCOM when my disk send a warning my SCOM run Orchestrator Workflow which is run deploying software on SCCM and send SCDPM agent on this computer and run backup next my SCCM send windows to new computer and SCCM send another agent DPM and user recover all data. Has anyone do something like this and can help me


if this not clear i try explain this more

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PC A101 Monitored by SCOM


---> Disk Health = Critical/Near Critical , ---> SCOM Alert


--> Orchestrator Workflow

--> SCCM Deploy DPM Agent on PCA101

--> DPM Backup to disk PCA101

--> SCCM initiate Build & Capture with USMT (User State Migration) to another PC "B101".

--> DPM restores the backedup to disk data to the newcomputer B101.



This is the flow I believe you meant.


you could reduce some of this risk/need by enforcing good best practises with end users to not rely on their localdrive as primary storage and encourage and enforce them to :


Save Primary copy of of all data to their Home Drive, Department Share Drive, etc...


Can you clarify what you meant by Orchestrater Workflow , is this a VMware /vCenter product?

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