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Change location of State Migration Point

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I am trying to change the location of where the user data gets stored on the server. The SCCM server does not have enough space to handle all the computers that we will be upgrading. Currently we have the SMP pointed to a local hard drive in the SCCM server and would like to point it to a USB drive that is plugged into the server. The issue we are having is that we had originally pointed the storage location to a mounted folder (mounted by mslink) on a different server. It would not work doing it this way so we are going to just use a USB drive. When I change the location to point to the USB drive it doesn't store anything there. It will try and store it on the mounted folder even though it is no longer mounted. It ends up creating a local folder and pointing there. Nowhere in the ConfigMgr state migration point do we have it pointing to the old location....only the new USB HDD location. How do we get the server to "forget" the old location and only store on the USB HDD?

A side note....The server will actually create a SMPSTORE%_%%%% folder on the USB HDD, but still won't push any data there.

Making changes here...SCCM > Site Database > Site Management > [site] > Site Settings > Site Systems > [site Server] > and right click on ConfigMgr State Migration Point

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