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How can I configure business hours for ALL CLIENTS??


Having some problems getting applications installed, software center just says "past due... will be.."


Is it possible to disable business hours so that they won't mess up application deployments, if the admin wants to have full control

of when the applications will be installed??!


Thanks in advance.

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not in the console, from what I remember when I asked this on connect was there would be a way to either leverage the SDK or WMI on the machine to set these.

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Really annoying that you can't configure these settings from the console.


The problem is, that my software doesn't get installed until the user clicks install from the Software center,

could someone provide some info what logs should I check from the client / server?


I'm pretty sure this has to do something with the business hours configuration...

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Any luck finding an answer? I'm having the same issue.




From there I found some nice info:



Set objUX = GetObject(“winmgmts:\\.\root\ccm\ClientSDK:CCM_ClientUXSettings”)


Set GBH = objUX.ExecMethod_(“GetBusinessHours”)


WScript.echo “Working days currently set to: ” & GBH.WorkingDays

If GBH.WorkingDays AND 1 Then WScript.echo “Sunday” End If

If GBH.WorkingDays AND 2 Then WScript.echo “Monday” End If

If GBH.WorkingDays And 4 Then WScript.echo “Tuesday” End If

If GBH.WorkingDays And 8 Then WScript.echo “Wednesday” End If

If GBH.WorkingDays AND 16 Then WScript.echo “Thursday” End If

If GBH.WorkingDays AND 32 Then WScript.echo “Friday” End If

If GBH.WorkingDays AND 64 Then WScript.echo “Saturday” End If


WScript.echo “Start time: ” & GBH.StartTime

WScript.echo “End time: ” & GBH.EndTime






Set objUX = GetObject ("winmgmts: \ \ root \ \ ccm \ ClientSDK. CCM_ClientUXSettings")


Set inParam objUX.Methods_.Item = ("SetBusinessHours"). InParameters.SpawnInstance_ ()

inParam.StartTime = 12

inParam.EndTime = 13

inParam.WorkingDays = 60


Set result = objUX.ExecMethod_ ("SetBusinessHours" inParam)


According to the blog the days are set as follows:


Sunday = A

Monday = 2

Tuesday = 4

Wednesday = 8

Thursday = 16

Friday = 32

Saturday = 64


You'd probably could get this out from the clients with extension to the inventory class... ? Haven't tested it yet. So basicly you could get the computers with specific business hours, attach them to specific collections (with specific maintenance windows ;))..


Post your findings :)

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Take a look at this article: http://blogs.technet.com/b/server-cloud/archive/2012/03/28/business-hours-vs-maintenance-windows-with-system-center-2012-configuration-manager.aspx


The admin enforces the installation time via the deployment's deadline. The user can install it before the deadline (e.g. at their convenience) but the software will install when the deadline hits. Even if the user has configured business hours, the software will install at the deadline (or before, if the user chooses to install it ahead of the deadline). The only exception would be when a maintenance window is configured for that system, and the deadline is outside of the configured maintenance windows. In that case,the system will wait until the next available maintenance window to install.


Maintenance windows and business hours are similar concepts, but the system treats them differently when it comes to automatically installing software.


I understand you want to disable user configured business hours, but that capability isn't built in natively to the client agent as an on/off flag.


You can use Settings Management to enforce a specific set of business hours for your users (e.g. your company default business hours). You can create use a CI to get/set those business hours utilizing the SDK (in the same manner as the posted script). By using settings management, you can rely on the system to reset the business hours back to a default value (e.g. company standard) even if the users go and change them.



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There is no way to configure the business hours from the admin console, you need to use a script on the clients to configure it. i try the script :( its not working well so i ask the users to set the time depends with them working hours.

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