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Add drivers on XP wim

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First of all, sorry for my English. I try to create an image of XP with the drivers of different computer...


To make that, I installed windows XP on a PC with drivers of this PC => Sysprep => Capture with WDS Image.

Now i try to add drivers of a second PC to this image, so I open WSIM, I select the Windows Image and I click on Yes to create the catalog file but I have an error : "windows system image manager execution failed parameter count mismatch"...


I I try to mount it with imagex, I have no problem, but when I want add drivers with peimg, I have the error 0x8007000d...



Someone have a solution for me ??




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I have found two things which might help you. This KB article suggests that you might be trying to create a 32 bit catalog file with a 64 bit version of WSIM, which will not work. I also found this thread that suggests not using your captured WIM to create the catalog file, but the standard WIM from the install disk. There are some other things in the thread that might help you solve your issue also.

Hope this helps,


Windows Outreach Team - IT Pro

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So, I have two questions.

1. Why are you opening WSIM and trying to create a catalog file? This should not be necessary to inject drivers.

2. What is the exact peimg command you are using?

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