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Replacing an existing distribution point with another in the same secondary site

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Like many folks I'm new to sccm 2007. We have an existing dp in a secondary site that has been having disk space issues. We have it configured to download to the E drive, which has about double the package size in free space, but still has issues. I'm assuming it's using the C drive's cache to temporarily hold the data before copying to E. The C drive does NOT have that much availble space. So we're going to add/replace the existing dp with another. My question is how to remove the current one? I went to site systems, new, server and added the new server (in the same physical location/subnet as the existing one). I had taken screenshots of all configured tabs within site settings of the secondary site and mirrored (except for the name of the box) the new dp to match the existing one. So far, under Component Configuration, Management Point Component is the only place where I was able from the drop down specify the new machine vs. the old one.


Right now the existing server is configured as a component server, dp, management point, site server and site system. The new one is configured as a component server, dp, management point and site system.


I'm probably missing quite a few steps here still. Recommendations?



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