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Password Protect Task Sequence (OSD)

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When booting to a task sequence I am looking for a way to password protect a task sequence while running WinPE. I would like to prompt for a password at the beginning of the task sequence. The script needs to loop back to the task sequence list if the password for the specific task sequence is not entered correctly. I need to prevent some contractors from running the wrong task sequence when building systems.




SCCM 2007 r3

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You could store the passwords as hashes in a configuration file somewhere. Then, pop up a box asking for the password in the WinPE portion of the task sequence. Hash the password input in the script, and compare it against the hashes in the config file.


To make it even better, you could define the task sequences for which each "user" is allowed. So, if they enter a correct password, but don't have the currently running task sequence in their approved list, it prevents the task sequence from proceeding.



Trevor Sullivan



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