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Joining two virtual networks.......Any ideas??????

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Hi All,


I'm hoping someone on here will be able to offer some words of wisdom......


I'm just going through a mock exam paper as I have the actual approaching, the scenario calls for me to set up 2 small networks both consisting of:


A server configured with AD,DS, DHCP and Email, create 5 user profiles with relevant folders and paths.

2 client machines that will obtain their IP's from the server, allow users to log on to the domain and send/receive emails to and from other users on their domain..........


All of the above I've done with no problems, my problem starts further down as it states that I have to


"Configure Network A to allow limited access by nominated users on Network B"




"Configure email to allow email communication between all users on both networks"


All of the above is being done in a virtual environment using Oracle Virtualbox so using a router isn't an option for me, and as an added kick in the teeth we haven't covered RRAS in the course yet, I have attempted to use RRAS with static IP routes but I can't find anything that goes through it the way I need it to work, most stuff talks about using a router....


Anyway....thanks in advance for taking time out to go through this post, I hope it's clear enough for you to understand what I need and I hope someone can just make me look a complete dope and say "do this........ and you're done"



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