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Hard Disk Configuration in WSIM

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I am new to WDS and WSIM technology. I want to know how can I configure Hard Disk in the Windows PE phase? Lets say I want to allocate 40% of total HDD space for partion 1 (where OS will be installed i.e.C: drive) and 35% for D: drive and remaining for E: drive. I want this should be calculated automatically as we will be deploying the Image to on PCs with different HDD size. I know we can assign a fix size (ex- 40GB) but how can we assign it on the basis of Percentage?

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You may want to use the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) in conjunction with WDS. WSIM is great to modify unattend files that you plan to use with WDS images however if you are not familiar with MDT it may prove to help you tremendously in this situation. MDT simplifies the automation of the deployment process by allowing you to inject applications, drivers and more into each image. You can also create task sequences to accomplish certain goals such as the one you alluded to in your OP.


You can use the Format and Partition Disk in MDT to add volumes contingent upon the percentage of remaining free space or a specific size. From within MDT you would select a task sequence, right click and select properties. Next, you would select the Task Sequence tab and proceed to click add, hover over “disks” and then select “format and partition disk”. Next, you would select the yellow star for “add” at the bottom of the right hand side above the volume area of the properties window. From there you could name the partition, choose the partition type and opt to use a percentage of remaining free space based on size in percent format.


More information on using MDT and WDS to perform your deployments can be found here on TechNet. You also may find the following video Alphabet Soup Deployment: Understanding MDT, WDS, MAP, ACT, SCCM, and USMT helpful as it walks you through using the various technologies together.



Windows Outreach Team – IT Pro

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