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Hard Disk Configuration in WSIM



I am new to WDS and WSIM technology. I want to know how can I configure Hard Disk in the Windows PE phase? Lets say I want to allocate 40% of total HDD space for partion 1 (where OS will be installed i.e.C: drive) and 35% for D: drive and remaining for E: drive. I want this should be calculated automatically as we will be deploying the Image to on PCs with different HDD size. I know we can assign a fix size (ex- 40GB) but how can we assign it on the basis of Percentage?

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This can be accomplished easily in the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit – MDT. MDT is a common console for many of Microsoft’s deployment tools, like the Windows Automated Installation Kit - WAIK (WSIM is part of WAIK). MDT works in conjunction with WDS, but simplifies many things about deployments.


When you create a task sequence in MDT using the ‘Standard Client Task Sequence’ template, you can edit the task sequence and modify the ‘Format and Partition Disk’ task to create the partitions using a percentage of the remaining space. Remove the partition that is already set up and add one partition using 40%, then a second partition using 100%. This will work regardless of the actual drive size.


If you are unfamiliar with MDT, I have three recommendations to get you started. This video on TechNet is a wonderful introduction into understanding Lite Touch deployments utilizing MDT and creating task sequences. This article ‘Automated Installation to upgrade to Windows 7: Step-by-step Guide’ is designed to get you started with MDT. Finally, the Deliver page of the Springboard Series on TechNet has many more articles and videos to help you.




Hope this helps,



Windows Outreach Team - IT Pro

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I have also a similar problem. I am using Windows System Image Manager (WSIM) tool to create an answer file (or Unattended.xml) file. I did almost what ever I need except the partitioning the hard disk. It provides an option to create and modify partitions. But it takes only the partition size in terms of megabytes (the same was listed in MS's API help page ). Is there any hack where we can specify the partiton size in terms of percentage. The reason is that, I wanted to make use of this answer file at different location and places where the harddisk sizes are not same.

Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you.




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