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Updating an Operating System WIM Image to a New Version

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Scenario - I've updating our O/S WIM image and want to push it out to all the DPs to replace the older WIM file, but have limited space on some of the DPs. I can't fit an extra WIM file on those servers and need to completely replace the older WIM with the new one.


My initial thought - was to just delete the original image package from the parent server which should remove all the large WIM files from all the DPs, and then create a new image package and deploy that; plus update all my task sequences with the new image.


My Question: If I just change the "Data Source" on the existing package to point to the new WIM, and then "update all DPs with a new package source version" will that cause a second cache instance of the .PKG file under \SMSPKG and use double the space? Or will it replace the other package cache file and not take anymore space up; meaning it replaces the older image?


Thanks in advance - RickT

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