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Imaging a client when there are hotfixes

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So I started deploying images to my clients with SCCM 2007 instead of building, to shorten the time to build a new machine. In the build and capture sequence I've deployed two hotfixes, KB977384 and KB2509007, the ones that allow running updates on an off domain machine, and the R3 hotfix. When I deploy the image, the SCCM client doesn't behave properly. On first boot it won't try and check in to the Site server, so I have to manually run an action on it, then the server sees it. Then I try and advertise a program to it, and it might tell the server that it wants to install the program, but it won't ever try. Updates don't work, etc etc. It's just a mess. The fix is for me to uninstall the SCCM client and reinstall it, and everything's fine.


Deploying the image works perfectly, I set it to install updates after deploying the image to grab any that have come out since the image was made, and that always works fine. The fact that it's the client that acts up leads me to believe it's the "Setup Windows and ConfigMgr" step in either the build, deploy, or both that's causing the problem.


There's no failures in the logs that I can see, and the task sequences finish without error. I've also found no mention online of how to deploy an image when hotfixes are involved, so I'm wondering if anybody has come across this and has solved it, or if you're able to successfully deploy an image with hotfixes involved.

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