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Prajwal Desai

Windows XP mode in Windows 7

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The need for windows XP mode comes when a company that wants to migrate its operating system from Windows XP to Windows 7 and is concerned about the software compatibility. There are several methods to make these applications work with Windows 7 as the File and Registry Virtualization, Compatibility Tab, Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.5, Shims, etc but some software need features or APIs that exist in Windows XP only. One of the solution is using the Windows XP mode.


Microsoft released Windows XP Mode in late August 2009,which is nothing more than a virtual machine that emulates the applications installed on it to the host using the capabilities of Integration Components (ICs) so that this software is available in a form of easily accessible, transparent and without much difficulty to the user. Windows XP Mode uses the principles of virtualization to create a link between the virtual machine (VM) and Windows host using the Virtual PC. Every application in this case runs on Windows XP and its very easy and simple to use. Windows XP Mode runs many older Windows XP productivity programs and that are not natively compatible with Windows 7, thus helping realize cost savings and reduce possible operational downtime by extending the life of existing software




To use Windows XP Mode you must have the following prerequisites:


• Windows 7 (Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise)


• Virtual PC Windows


• Windows XP Mode


Windows XP mode with Virtual PC can be downloaded at : http://www.microsoft...c/download.aspx




Install Virtual PC first and then run the XP mode setup file.



Click on Next



Choose the location



Click Finish



Check I accept and click next




You can download windows XP updates by Turning on Automatic Updates.



integration features will integrate/share the resources from physical machine to virtual machine.



You can see the integrated devices in the XP mode. You can add multiple USB devices in Windows XP mode, which facilitates the installation of a specific program from a pen drive or via Bluetooth device

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