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Hi all,


I want to share a issue I've been faced with in our sccm infrastructure, for which I hope someone has a solution.


I've tried to setup a operating System Deployment Task sequence, using pxe, but unfortunately I've hit a snag.


Once distributing the Boot images to the Distribution point, it just says in progress, and nothing hapens, although I have set it to automatically distribute.


I'm picking up the following issue when doing a CMtrace on the smsprov.log file ( This issue shows on each reattempt) :



I'm also getting the following message in status message viewer, however I have given full access to "Everyone" to the directories.



I have not set "Enable unknown computer support" , as I usually import my computer by Mac adress, and then assign it to he collection where the "Advertisement/deployment" applies.


Is this maybe what is causing my issues, and what are the implications of activating this?


Thank you in advance.

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Hi thanks,


I'm transferring the image from my C drive(10gb free) to my E drive(150gb free).


Since it's located on C( nothing needs to be additionally copied to C:\), I cannot think this would be the issue, but thanks.


I've also reinstalled Waik, and WDS, and both aren't reporting any issues on the server, or within SCCM.




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To clarify, the 10 gigs are free space on C, although admittedly low, I can't see it being the issue, as the boot image is a total of 1.2 gigs +-.



Copied both the source and the destination file to my E$ drive (150gb free space), and appended it within sccm on the boot image settings, and still nothing, so it's definitely not a space issue, or a access issue.


I have, after installing added a new hard-drive to the server, and uninstalled, and reinstalled the dp on the server for the new drive to take presedence over the old one.


This, as I have read might be related to the issue.


A fix, as per allot of people, is to uninstall the dp, remove all the dp content locations, and then reinstalling the dp.


My question would be if this would actually work, and second, what directories do I actually need to remove?

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I'm going to attempt to setup a third system within our sccm infrastructure, and add a distribution point onto that one, with pxe support, waik and WDS, will update on if this resolves the issue, as I'm not planning a reinstall of the entire system.


I finally got this sorted by setting up a new site server, and configuring it for pxe, and distributing all os related packages to it.


I recreated a task sequence, and so forth, now it works perfectly. :)


So, to sum up, it was my existing distribution point that caused the issues, as I added a hard-drive to it after the innitial installation, and moved the dp to it.



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