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Hanging on XP Setup "Please wait" with SCCM 2012

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I'm in the process of setting up SCCM 2012 with MDT 2012 intergration in our corporation and everyting is going pretty smoothly - except for my XP deployments to our old HP 6910p laptops


Here's a few things I've tried:

Built a new XP image in a Hyper-V machine, created a task sequence and gone to deploy it. On the first boot of XP it bluescreens (and reboots instalntly) but I'm fairly certain it's due to storage driver issues however either turning on native SATA mode or AHCI has no effect of the bluescreens. Figured this was a HAL issue as a Hyper-V VM and 6910p use different types.


So, next step was to install XP onto a 6910p, make my configuration changes without installing any drivers (outside of XP's built in stuff) and then capture. XP now boots without bluescreening on the first boot but gets stuck at the Windows Setup screen with a "Please wait" dialogue. It never moves past this point. As a test, I disabled the steps in the task sequence that install my imported 6910p drivers but this made no difference.


As a final test, I copied the working XP image WIM from our older MDT 2010 enviroment which I know works fine on a 6910p but the same issue as in my second attempt occurs, again with either the driver step enabled or disabled. So clearly its something that SCCM is doing which is different to MDT 2010 that is causing this to fail.


I'm not really sure where to go from here...no matter what I do I can't get a successful XP deployment. It makes me appreciate the setup process of Windows 7 and 8...

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