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SCCM 2012 Boundaries configuration questions

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I have asked the same questions in TechNet fourm but I am still waiting for the right answer. I wil be glad if you can help me. I am following up steps in http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4045-system-center-2012-configuration-manager-guides/ to install standalone primary server in my small production environment. I stuck in creating boundaries section.


I am in the process of standalone SCCM setup and configuration but I stuck on setting up Boundaries and Boundary groups

I have I have four AD sites and only in one site, I have future plan to place a distribution point but at this moment, I wish to manage all clients from the primary site.

On site A: Primary standalone SCCM; 70 Server + 250 clients

Site B: 5 Servers + 50 clients;

Site C: 3 Servers + 15 clients;

Site D: 3 Servers + 5 Clients;


These are linked through the high speed WAN link.

Only one site B, I have future plan to include a DP



Boundaries in SCCM

Boundary Type Description Group count Ip address range domain.local/B/ 0 Ip address range domain.local/C/ 0 Ip address range domain.local/c/ 0 Ip address range domain.local/B/ 0 Ip address range domain.local/A/ 0 IP address range doamin.local/D/ 0 IP address range domain.local/A/ 0 IP address range domain.local/A/ 0 IP address range domain.local/A/ 0 IP address range domain.local/A/ 0 IP address range Domain.local/D/ 0

D Active Directory site Domain.local/D 0

C Active Directory Site Domain.local/C 0

B Active Directory Site Domain.local/B 0

A Active Directoyr Site Domain.local/A 0


So, my 4 boundariy groups should be

Boundary Group 1 for A: domain.local/A/

Boundary Group 2 for B: domain.local/B/

Boundary Group 3 for C: domain.local/C/

Boundary Group 4 for D: Domain.local/D/


Are these correct? or Please suggest, what should by my best approach to create your boundary groups


Thanks in advance

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Only one site B, I have future plan to include a DP


Well sites C & D collections will have to be configured to be part of site A DPG(distribution point group) as they will have no DP available to service clients on these sites so they will be serviced via DP Site A across the WAN links. I gather you have a star topology WAN and not MESH?


You will have already have 4 boundaries showing up in your Boundary node.

Create 1 boundary group to start with as you only have 1 DP at present and add your DP(site server DP to this)in the references tab and add your 4 Bounadries to it in the general tab.


Be much easier now for you to create your second DP at site B instead of having to alter the boundary configuration later on!!


Rocket Man

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If I understood you correctly, I have to created on Boundary group with the following



Name: Primary Boundary Group)


Member of this Boundary group a. domain.local/A/

b. domain.local/B/

c. domain.local/C/

d. domain.local/D/

On the References tab current DP on site A \\SCCMserver.domain.local

And I don't need to alter or change anything on my primary server's boundary configuration, when in future i will add more DPs on site B or other sites?

Are these correct?

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Yes you will.

You will have to add an other Boundary group with your new siteB DP in it and add your Site B boundary IP subnet to it and remove this from the current Boundary set up!!

This will service only systems at siteB thus the reason as why only siteB subnet Boundary + DP will be associated with it!!


The current setup that you have will then service SiteA,SiteC and SiteD considering it is a star Topology WAN infrastructure you have?


Probably better to create your second DP at Site B now, will save any alterations later to the boundaries. It may have problems or may not, I never had to change boundaries yet, but I'm sure it would be OK.



EDIT: Do not forget to add your site specific collections to your Distribution point groups. You will have 2 DPGs' when ever you have your second DP created.


This is all from a personal view and my own experience with my own SCCM implementations I have done to date. I am no way an expert at this but may I add I have one SCCM setup with 20 DPs, 20 Boundaries and 20 DPGs and have no problems with systems getting software from the appropriate DP assigned.


You will know if your Boundaries are correct when you go to change them when you create your second DP. The systems at this AD site will lose their site code if it is not correct, if you do set it up correctly then they will keep their site code(this is one way of knowing that your boundaries are setup correctly, and the systems do not need to have the client installed for the site code to to be assigned initially).

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