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Drivers cause WIn 7 x64 OSD to fail

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I have a new SCCM 2012 SP1 environment. I'm attempting to get OSD working, but am running into a problem with drivers.


I am doing an OS Install type of deployment. When I attempt to apply drivers (either by package, or by category) the drivers are causing the windows setup to fail. Here's the setuperr.log





2013-03-08 10:06:51, Error [0x0602a9] IBS CallBack_AddDriverPackageIntoDriverStore:Failed to install the driver package [D:\_SMSTaskSequence\drivers\2\HECI.inf]. Driver package is [Critical]. Error code is [0x32][gle=0x00000032]
2013-03-08 10:06:51, Error [0x0602ab] IBS CallBack_AddDriverPackageIntoDriverStore:An error occurred while installing the driver package [] offline GLE is [0x32][gle=0x00000032]
My first assumption was a bad driver, so I removed the one with the error and tried again, same error but on a different driver file. At this point I tested every driver individually, and have gotten the same error. At this point I only have tried 2 different models of computers, with different drivers, and I'm still getting the same error. If I don't apply any drivers everything is working fine.
I attached the setupact.log and smsts.log
So far my googling has told me there may be some sort of problem with WinPE 4.0. Someone suggested getting Windows 8 compatible drivers. SCCM is telling me the drivers I have imported do support Windows 8, so that doesn't immediately appear to be the issue.



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I believe I have found the problem. http://scug.be/sccm/2013/01/13/configmgr-sp1-windows-7-deployment-is-not-supported-anymore-from-the-setup-exe/


OS Install packages for Windows 7 (running setup.exe) is no longer support. So instead you apply the install.wim as an image. Everything still works the same, and drivers are applying correctly now.

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