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OSD - Throttle Bandwidth ???

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Afternoon all,


I'm having an issue with my OSD on SCCM 2012 SP1 where I have a Windows Embedded Image setup for deployment to HP Thin Clients.


The TS and all associated Applications are being installed via the Deployment Option "Access contect directly from distribution" due to the Thin Clients only having 4GB of Flash Memory.

This all works fine in terms of image etc... except for not being able to get the EWF to apply automatically at the end of the build process, even using the new SMSTSPostAction TS Variable to run the command line but ho hum...


My issue with the OSD is that its installing the image from the server and chucking it out at anything from 70 to 90 MB sec!!! which in turn is killing my poor fibre backbone when more than 3 or 4 machines are on the go at the same time.

In SCCM 2007 there was the BITS setting which specifically stated "OSD throttling through BITS". In SCCM 2012 the BITS options are now in client settings with no sign of any OSD BITS throttling?!?!


Am I going mad or is there an answer to this as I can only build 1 of these at a time now whereas with SCCM 2007 I could slap off 5+ on the go...



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Having just spent a few hours reading through some technet docs i've still not found an answer to this other than enabling multicast however this would not work due to the image being installed direct from the DP instead of being deployed and then installed.


I've either had a really really long day and am completely missing a point here or OSD throttling has vanished.


Luckily I still have my old SCCM 2007 hanging around (turned off). May have to break it out and do a bandwidth comparison when doing an OSD of this nature from each as the image has not changed from when I migrated it over.

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