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New to MDT 2012 - Questions

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New to MDT


Just testing it out.


Using our current WDS images (automatically go to Audit mode) don't really work as when the image has been deployed MDT still thinks it's half way through the process and won't "complete" until the system has been OOBE'd. Any way to change this behaviour?


I want the system to "finish" in Audit mode. It will be manually OOBE'd, once we have completed a testing procedure on the system, ready for the customer.


Using clean images I have to manually press Ctrl + Shift + F3 to get into Audit mode.


Also our current images run a batch script when they get into windows. Can anyone give me some clear details on how to do this for MDT? I tried adding the batch script as an "application" but it just gave an error during install and doesn't seem to run.

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