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I have to migrate my computers from windows xp to windows 7 via sccm 2012 sp1. The environment is about 300 clients (200 by computer-refresh while the remaining 100 by pc-change).

Regarding the refresh-computer I already have a fully functional TS with USMT Hard Link Migration that leave my userdata on the disk.

Now the doubts arise for the other 100 computer pc-change:

- how can I move through SCCM user data from a pc-old, copy them to the network share, install the pc-new and finally move user data to destination computer?

- is it possible with a single TS or in a single step with SCCM?

- how can I link the two computers procedures?

Many thanks,



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I have almost completely given up on this idea, because there wasn't a particularly simple method to handle it.


The main way to do it is the way described in this post:



That means creating two task sequences, one capture and one restore.


Personally I want to give this method a go:




At least that appears to remove some steps such as creating computer associations and the reliance of a SMP Role, which in turn would also be faster because files are copied directly to the computer.


If I had the time I'd work on a script that can probe the source computer from the destination computer to copy files and settings, thus only requiring one TS. Alternatively find a way to get USMT to do it. Haven't found anything yet!

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