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SCCM 2012: bitlocker enabling in task sequence

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We need to enable bitlocker on a Dell laptop in a SCCM 2012 MDT task sequence. I haven’t configured bitlocker yet, so I’m trying to get the big picture here, therefore this post.

I posted this item on technet forum then thought actually it belongs to Windows noob since here is the great aritcle coming from in the first place :-)




So, what we have = working bitlocker config in another deployment framework (vbscript based) for this Dell laptop.

What we will implement: this guide http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3875-customising-windows-7-deployments-part-5/ .

So as far as I can see:
1.Use Dell Client Toolkit (CCTK)

2.Create CCTK package on SCCM 2012

3.Create bitlcoker script package

4.rollout via task sequence

*Is this a valid reference for deploying bitlocker with MBAM and are the steps I’m mentioning correct?
*Where do you put this bitlocker in the task-sequence: @ the end or beginning, in the middle?

*What about the WINRE (windows recovery partition for bitlocker), what’s the deal about this/how does that work?
*Where is the recovery info stored, AD? How does this work?


Please advise.

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