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  1. I cannot seem to make it work on SCCM 2012 SP1, I imported your task sequence and changed package sources, but no success. Please advise howto troubleshoot.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I just want to test that laptops "out of the box" will be TPM enabled during task sequence. Note: after some adaptations it does not work anymore. I wonder if xcopy.exe ".\Dell\CCTK\X86_64\*.*" "x:\CCTK\X86_64\" /E /C /I /Q /H /R /Y /S is correct whereas the package source points to ... \Bitlocker\Dell\CCTK\X86_64, should the xcopy then not be xcopy.exe *.* (without the path)?
  3. Hi, I used your task sequence for enabling bilocker on a Dell laptop (Windows 7x64) and it was working great! Then I explictely disabled the TPM on the Dell and restarted the task sequence as doublecheck and now the last step (enable bitlocker) failed(!). So, looking at this forum I wonder what I should do *when restaging a bitlockered machine, should I remove a recovery key first from AD? *Should I enable a Windows driver for bitockering (which one then)? ... Thanks for your input. Regards, J
  4. ... and importing the image in SCCM, it says "only finalized boot images are supported".
  5. Please clarify the "For the curious, this changes some of the <%mountpath%>\Windows\System32\config\*.* registry hives: Changes can be viewed by opening regedit, select HKLM and choose file, load hive (for example DEFAULT)" I cannot load "a hive", deafult is in use ...?
  6. Hi Niall, I'd like to import your ts on Windows 2012, can you provide a zip instead of this xml? Note: I tried the xml on a SCCM 2007 but it doesn't show up either ....
  7. Posts are dying here apparently. Probably better stick to Technet forum then.
  8. Hi, We need to enable bitlocker on a Dell laptop in a SCCM 2012 MDT task sequence. I haven’t configured bitlocker yet, so I’m trying to get the big picture here, therefore this post. I posted this item on technet forum then thought actually it belongs to Windows noob since here is the great aritcle coming from in the first place :-) So, what we have = working bitlocker config in another deployment framework (vbscript based) for this Dell laptop. What we will implement: this guide http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3875-customising-windows-7-deployments-part-5/ . So as far as I can see: 1.Use Dell Client Toolkit (CCTK) 2.Create CCTK package on SCCM 2012 3.Create bitlcoker script package 4.rollout via task sequence Questions: *Is this a valid reference for deploying bitlocker with MBAM and are the steps I’m mentioning correct? *Where do you put this bitlocker in the task-sequence: @ the end or beginning, in the middle? *What about the WINRE (windows recovery partition for bitlocker), what’s the deal about this/how does that work? *Where is the recovery info stored, AD? How does this work? Please advise. J.
  9. I found this great guide, but it is only for language, not keyboard .... http://www.petervanderwoude.nl/post/how-to-change-the-language-in-windows-pe-via-configmgr-2012/
  10. UPdate: I changed the ... MDT\Customizations\Prestart\Deploy\Scripts SCCM_Bootstrap.ini: Added under section [Default] KeyboardLocalePE=0813:00000813 Then in MDTsettings.ini: \OSD\MDTSettings\: [Default] KeyboardLocale=nl-be;0813:00000813 Then update distribution point ... but keyboard is still English (or should I just generate on MDT and import in SCCM?) J.
  11. When I disable the UDI wizard, it works fine. But why should I disable it, it should work out of the box since I skip the UDI wizard ....
  12. Note: I added some screenshots of the ts here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zygunifjv88e6xp/PLTzE_V3V_
  13. Thanks. It are 2 identical task sequences, default. One with x86 as boot image, one of x64 as boot image. x86 works fine, x64 shows UDI wizard. If there would be something in the task sequence then both would start with UDI wizard I would think? What other info do you need/can I give you?
  14. Hi, I have SCCM 2012 SP1 with MDT, the mdt task sequence with x86 boot image works fine but the X64 does not: it starts up the udi while it is configured as zero touch(!). Please advise. J.
  15. Hi, I have SCCM 2012 sp1 with mdt integrated. I tried to change the keyboard of winpe by: *changing C:\Program Files\Micosoft Deployment Toolkit\Templates\Unattend _PE_x86.xml but that did not work. There is mentioned *using prestart command but there is already a wscript.exe Deploy\Scripts\ZTIMediaHook.wsf in my prestart, not sure what it does or howto chang that *using this guide: http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2348-guide-creating-a-bootimage-with-another-keyboard-layout-winpe-3/ but did not work (get access denied and isn't it the windows pe it uses and not the mdt pe (which it should)? Please advise. J.
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