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  1. Yes, run SCCM in native mode instead of mixed. This will allow you to manage computers connected to the internet. This will however require that you have a working PKI infrastructure.
  2. Yes you can do this. I suggest looking closer at the sql server agent. This can easily be setup to run reports on a schedule and even configured to send the report in an email if needed.
  3. Check your USMT package..remember the source should be pointing to the amd64 and the x86 folder. Not directly into x86 or amd64!
  4. Okay so here comes the one million dollar question. Why do you want to join a computer you are syspreping to the domain?
  5. I had the same error last week. My error was because i copied the TS to a new env and forgott to change this setting: I had a customized file selected that did not exist in my USMT package.
  6. Is the software metering agent enabled?
  7. As long as any modern windows will run on your hardware SCCM will accept it =)
  8. What kind of information are you looking for? Just some kind of network overview or more like serialnumber, modelnumber etc?
  9. I have done printer and monitors and my experience is thats it´s not really 100% and it requires some work to get it right..
  10. Make a search in the forum. I know Niall has made several posts regaring this in the past
  11. yes it´s possible. wmi query: SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystem WHERE Model LIKE “%dc5700%” for HP Compaq dc5700 computer models.
  12. 0x80004005 is generally an access denied issue, check dns and network access account.
  13. Does your join account have Full Control (OU and all decendant objects) on the OU where your computer account is located?
  14. what does the package look like if you download it from the vendor?
  15. Hm i think it will work. Allthough i think you will need wds installed and multicast needs to be supported in your network infrastructure. Have a look at this doc:Using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.zip
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