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  1. I was working on a POC site and by mistake i downloaded WADK 8.1.We were installing SCCM 2012 SP1 primary site then, The installation worked fine but after the installation there was no boot image generated ...I then called the MS support team & they asked me to install WADK 8 which solved my problem. Thanks, Pranay.
  2. hi all, we are working on replace scenario currently & have imported few xp & win 7 machines in different collections using CSV files. the only part we are stuck is on the association of these machine ,we don't want to do it manually we want to have an automated process which does this work so that after the machine association we can run the Replace TS. Can we do this in SCCM 2007 or do we need scripts for this process. Thanks Pranay.
  3. Hi all, I have to perform xp to win 7 migration using sccm the xp machine consists of 3 drives,data is present in all the 3 drives. now i have been asked to migrate the drive data and it should be as it is in xp machine. this scenario then will be used in 50 machines & we are not sure of how many drives does a machine has. so,here we need to run a script which creates the drive dynamically. whats the best way to do this. we thought of using a vbscript but we didnt found one. Please suggest a way. Thanks Pranay.
  4. hi all, i have a package of sequenced office 2010 in app-v server all the app-v clients are able to receive the package and every thing is working fine but I have an issue with the virtualized office 2010 & photoshop. it's like when office 2010 & photoshop are installed locally,photoshop is able to detect the office fonts. But when i am using virtual office 2010 , photoshop is not able to detect the fonts. What can be the problem. Please help. Thanks Pranay.
  5. hi jorgen, your solution helped,can you provide the script you are using to move the computer to another collection.... Thanks Pranay
  6. hi all, we are working on the Refresh scenario for one of our client and using two task sequence to complete this task. TS#1 - Stores the user data & settings to SMP.(advertisement priority HIGH) TS#2 - Deploy Win7 & restores the data.(advertisement priority LOW,PXE boot) TS#1 stores the states and restarts the machine and after the restart execution of TS#2 begins. we are able to finish this task without any issue. But we are stuck in a problem which is, consider if the TS#1 fails without saving users data and the machine restart and the TS#2 execution starts. User data was not
  7. hi, This was the error i am receiving while deploying new machine :- An error occurred while retrieving policy for this computer (0x80004005) checked the smsts.log and it shows an error message "NO MP Certificate" Checked all the pxe and boot certificates and they are all upto date & the certificates are not missing. the lab was working perfectly fine before... the smspxe.log shows the error message :- Failed to read PXE settings. The system cannot find the file specified. (Error: 80070002; Source: Windows) WARNING: _SMSTSSiteSigningCertificate Not Set. This might cause client
  8. hi all, I am in the phase of customizing a Windows 7 image & i am bit stuck in changing Start Button Logo.. I don't want to use a 3rd party s/w for doing this....Is there any way to do this using registry. please help. Thanks & Regards Pranay.
  9. hi all, I am deploying a windows 7 machine in which i have to add desktop toolbar in the task bar this process should be fully automated and users interaction should not be there.The deployment of the machines are done by SCCM 2007 .I know about the reg key where it is present "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\currentversion\explorer\streams\desktop" the value here is in hexa decimal form and the changes in the value cannot be judged,I also export the key as hive and load it in "HKLM\same path" but it was of no use. can i do this using vbscript or WAIK. Please provide a way. as this is the
  10. just as an update... the script is working fine with MDT 2010...after few changes i figured out that we need to put the script and declare a task sequence variable as OSDCOMPUTERNAME after the first initializing phase of the task sequence....
  11. hi all, I am using serial number script with MDT 2010 task sequence...i added the script and the variable to the post install phase of the task sequence....but the new deployed machine is not able to get the serial number... I tested the script with SCCM 2007 and there was no issue. where to put the script in the mdt task sequence????? thanks , pranay.
  12. hi, i tried to add some website to the IE trusted zone using WAIK but after deployment the site doesnot shows up in the trusted zone.... i added the sites to the IE component present in the answerfile.... and my unattend.xml file shows the trusted site as <trustedsite>https://www.google.com;https://www.gmail.com</trustedsite> the answer file is taking effect as other changes made are shown except this one.... plz help...
  13. i have sequenced the application on win xp & 7 .....but both gives the same result...
  14. ya ,i have read it,but it's the requirement of our client and we have to sequence it.... I am able to open pdf file but it gives me this error message in case of password protected files...
  15. hi all, I have sequenced Adobe reader 10.1 and it's working fine....there where some issue with the some file but they have been solved after disabling the protected mode option....now the problem is that when i try to open a password protected file using virtualized Adobe 10.1 it says:- "THERE IS A PROBLEM OPENING THIS DOCUMENT,THERE IS A PROBLEM READING THIS DOCUMENT(57)" and the document works fine in locally installed Adobe 10.1....is there any setting that needs to be done for password protected files....plz help... Thanks & regards, Pranay.
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