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  1. All our PC's are joined to a domain at my work. I used Windows XP Sysprep it was really easy to have Sysprep stop and ask you for a computer name then prompt you for domain credentials. I have been reading all the forums and everyone states delete the <computerName> </computername> line from the XML file but that doesn't work. I think I might just go for the approach have the machine stop ask me for the computer name, it won't be joined to the domain at this time. Then create a Auto login account and run a VBS script to run Netdom to join the PC to the Domain, two steps but I think it will accomplish the goal, not as easy as Windows XP.
  2. Hello, Anyone really figure out during Windows 7 sysprep to be prompted for a computer name and have it join your domain? I can have the machine stop and prompt for machine name but won't join domain. I used My Sysprep Tool, but don't trust it and typing in your password is in clear text, but it does work. I have tried to delete the line from the xml file but still doesn't prompt for computer name. Anyone have a working XML file to stop and ask for computer name then join it to the domain, while syspreping ?
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