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wim file and ghost

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I have a custom wim file that i've created along with its two respective answer files. I understand that it is possible to embed an answer file into my wim file, and, using Ghost (probably a standalone version) be able to image PCs by putting the wim file on an external drive. The purpose of this is to image PCs for my company in one of our offices where there is no access to the WDS server. We currently have a 3rd party vendor doing this for us now, and the only caveat is that we have to manually name the PCs ourselves, but apart from this, the PCs join our domain automatically and apply other settings as well. Does anyone know what products we can use to accomplish this on our own and where i could find documentation on how to go about this?




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I would recommend the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT). It is a free deployment solution from Microsoft and is very powerful. MDT can create media for deployment by USB devices or DVD, in addition to being able to integrate with WDS for those systems that can access your WDS server.

MDT can deploy your custom WIM image easily, but it can be much more flexible and powerful than that. MDT can manage device drivers for hardware independent imaging, install software after Windows is deployed, edit the answer file, name the computer, join a domain, and much more.


These two videos are a great way to show you many of the ways that MDT can make your deployments easier and more automated:


Deployment Day Session 1: Introduction to MDT 2012

Deployment Day Session 2: MDT 2012 Advanced


There are many more articles, videos and walkthroughs to help you with deploying Windows on the Deploy Windows 7 and Deploy Windows 8 pages of the Springboard Series on TechNet


Hope this helps,



Windows Outreach Team – IT Pro

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