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Deployment status inaccurate

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I was checking up this morning on a deployment I had sent out to a test group last week, and found it showing 'error' state for 10 devices and unknown for the other 2. When I pull up the detailed deployment status, I see 4 computers listed on the 'error' tab, with 2 different errors, and 2 listed on the Unknown tab. The other tabs don't show any computers listed. I ran a report of computers in this test group that have this application installed, and the report shows 6 devices. Clearly it didn't hit an error everywhere, it's just the deployment status that's wrong.


While looking into this, I noticed 2 other recent deployments also showing an error for all devices. For both of these other deployments, all tabs in the detailed 'deployment status' are empty, listing no computers. I happen to know that at least some of the target computers for these applications did install the deployed application successfully.


I have run a summarization on all of these deployments, and refreshed to make sure I'm seeing current data, but still see the same status. I checked Site Status and Component Status in the sccm console, and everything is green for both.


What would cause this incorrect data in deployment status?

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