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SCCM 2012 R2 and F12 prompt

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I am trying to configure syslinux to boot SCCM OS Deployment and that all works except I am unable to get F12 prompt before loading syslinux.


I have old server that has Win 2008 R2 with WDS and there when I configure WDS to "Require the user to press the F12 key to continue the PXE boot" F12 prompt is displayed before syslinux is loaded.


On Win 2012 R2 with SCCM 2012 R2 prompt is not displayed and PC goes straight to syslinux menu.


Why do I need this, and why don't I just create default option in syslinux menu to resume local boot? Some PC have trouble exiting syslinux menu and after initial image is loaded they get stuck on syslinux menu until I disable PXE boot in BIOS or press ESC during each PXE boot (meaning I have to be next to the PC instead of moving to the next one). With F12 prompt enabled PC would just continue normal boot if I don't press F12.


So the question is how to get F12 prompt from SCCM PXE boot before pxeboot.com is loaded?


Thank you all for your help.


Kindest regards,


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