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SCCM 2012 R2 Secondary Site install Pending - ReplicationMaintenance

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I've been banging my head on this for a few days and this is my third run at the same server.


Windows 2008 R2 SP1 being configured as a secondary site. This is the last site I need to configure and after 3 attempts I am stuck in the same place everytime, from the rcmctrl.log,

ReplicationConfiguration said it is safe to continue: False.

The current site status: ReplicationMaintenance


This is not the complete log but the process is stuck in Maintenance mode.


I'm running SCCM 2012 R2 with a single Primary and 10 secondary sites, waiting for this 11th.

All the previous systems have installed and completed successfully using the defaults for setting up a secondary site.

Copy to the site, SQL Express gets installed during the process, etc...


I've been googling and have not found anything that discusses this during a site install, just for an existing site.


This is an existing physical server and I'd love to just build a new one but we don't have any additional infrastructure or a VM host at this time.


Any help would be appreciated.



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After a 4th and 5th attempt, pre-installing SQL and having SCCM source local, I've given up on this server accepting the role of a secondary site.


At this point I'm now receiving messaging during the install status that the server must be a minimum of Windows 2008 SP2, that MSXML 6.0 is required and that the SCCM source specified doesn't match the site source. It's becoming really odd with the different errors and warnings that I'm destine to have future issues if I manage to muscle my way through on this thing.


If anyone does have some input I'm open but at this point I can't spend anymore time fighting this that I'll just move on and hope that the bandwidth on this low speed connection does get too hammered.

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So I finally was successful in making this a secondary site. Below are the 'things' I did that eventually resolved my install issues. Can't tell you which one(s) finally did it but these actions eventually got me there.


Installed KB2552033 for push on 2008 R2

Installed SQL Express 2012 SP1 first

Noticed several WMI errors in event logs on 2ndary site server that occurred during secondary site pre-req check that runs when adding 2ndary site from primary. That sent me down the WMI rabbit hole and resulted in installing KB2465990 to address the WMI errors I was seeing. Downloaded WMIDiags and ran that utility that eventually showed the errors mentioned in the KB.

Uninstalled all Secondary site Windows server feature pre-reqs, BITS, .NET, IIS, RDC and attempted install from primary again. This gave me the expected errors, the features I removed were the only warnings and errors.

Reinstalled site pre-reqs, restarted and then took another run at installing and was successful. No errors or warnings, site downloaded setup and installed successfully.


Sorry for the abbreviated resolution path, if you want to call it that, but I was successful after chopping the whole thing up and reassembling.

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