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Administrator and TEMP Profile Folders!

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Hello everyone! Don't know what I'd do with this forum :)


My company is running SCCM 2012 SP1, with MDT integration, for our OSD Task Sequences. Things are working quite well. However, I need to solve a couple of small issues:


- As SCCM uses the SYSTEM account to do things, it never logs in as the local Administrator. I'd like it to do this once, at the end of Task Sequence, so that the User folder is created - then log out. (I know I could use a command in the Unattend file, just seeing if something else would be easier.) We need this, as my IT team sometimes copies confidential data to that folder that only IT Admins should access.


- On the other hand, when I go look at the Users after OSD, there are several TEMP folders in there; TEMP, then TEMP.domain.000, TEMP.domain.001, etc. It varies, but normally 4 or 5 of them. When looking at the "Manage User Accounts" option in Control Panel, they are not there. Now, I'm not really worried about why the folders are there; I just want them gone. I've tried putting in a Run Command Line to do it (and it works when I manually run it), but it doesn't work when in the Task Sequence (I even changed the credentials to my own, still nothing).


If anyone has any ideas, I would be eternally grateful!


Thank you!



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They are usually created when a local copy of the profile for the account in question is a bit funny, maybe corrupted. I get them in my domain sometimes, particularly if the user doesn't have a roaming profile.


As to why they appear after OSD, unless they were there when you took the image, I dont know sadly.

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