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  1. New day new problem: My sccm 2012 server works correctly but with a kind of desktop computer is giving problems .... I explain my problem when I start the deployment of the operating system I get the following error: ALL other types of computer work only gives me this error These however are all the checks I did: Restarted WDS service SCCM server restarts no change... checked SMSPXE.log Checked if there is another MAC Address (does not exist) I also changed the network card physically from the house ... but th
  2. ....I did not understand ... cmd /c cscript.exe C: \ Windows \ System32 \ slmgr.vbs / skms servername.fqdn
  3. Ok I've tried, but it does not work the same have an idea
  4. Hi J├Ârgen thanks for the reply ... so you do not have to enter the serial number but only the command register to kms: cscript.exe C: \ Windows \ System32 \ slmgr.vbs / skms servername.fqdn thanks
  5. HI guys.... I created the task sequence for deploiare windows 7 sp1 ent and I entered the commands to activate the KMS server on windows of my workplace ... but all this does not work .... if you look at the log command throws without problems and without giving me errors. I am attaching pictures of everything ... I can aiutare__ Thanks
  6. Hello, I explain my problem: I have 4 computers installed Office 2010 32-bit, now I have to uninstall it and install the 64bit. To do this, what should I do? My work environment is as follows: Server: SCCM 2012 RTM 64bit Client: Windows 7 64bit Thanks
  7. Hello, I explain my problem In my work environment I've added a new site system roles (WSUS). I have no internet connection and so I have to download updates from a server that is not in my organization because in another place (My wsus is in Italy and the server from which I download is in Germany) I ask you in the installation I selected the following option: But the server name and / or IP address where I have to set it up? YOU have to do more? Database? Log? Thank you very much as always!
  8. Buongiorno! I have the same error on my server. I describe my work environment WINDOWS SERVER 2008 R2 Enterprise 64bit SP1 SCCM2012 RTM WSUS 3.0 SP2 installed with the setup.exe because [they are not connected to the Internet IIS7
  9. Ok guys! I solved it was just a problem to boot! I redid the boot and published and now everything works! Thanks for the support
  10. hello I have not yet tried the boot media (this test I will do it today) I'll bring you the news. The strange thing is that 5 days ago everything worked! Yes, I have to deploy Windows 7. I imported the computer (MAC address) but nothing changes. Today I continue to seek a solution
  11. I'm really went into total confusion for this problem that seems to have no end! I followed and tried all possible solutions but I do not get out of this loop. The error is shown in the attached images. This is my work environment: SERVER 1: DHCP SERVER 2: SCCM2012 CLIENT: WINDOWS 7 I disabled the PXE on DP I have uninstalled and reinstalled WDS I recreated the boot files I enabled the reception of the client unknow I cleaned SCCM from any PC previously associated with and recognized by a query (Mac Address) I have no idea what can be H
  12. Hello everyone! I get an error sull'SCCM 2012 RTM that is driving me crazy! I followed all the duscussioni possible to find a solution but nothing yet. The error is as follows: thi is the log
  13. my error is persistent, and I continued to do research! The events in the server sccm2012: DOWNLOAD FTFP: SMSBoot\x86\wdsnbp.com DOWNLOAD FTFP: SMSBoot\x86\pxeboot.com DOWNLOAD FTFP: SMSBoot\x86\bootmgr.exe SMSPxe.log: Begin validation of Certificate [Thumbprint 4AA7108DF638F7C3ADDCAF8BB6010CEE46143F94] issued to (3751ACF3-23CC-4723-ADF9-143785BF533F) Complete validation of certificate [Thumbprint 4AA7108DF638F7C3ADDCAF8BB6010CEE46143F94] issued to (3751ACF3-23CC-4723-ADF9-143785BF533F) PXE: CNotify TImer:Int PXE: CNotify TImer:CancelTimer PXE: CNotify TImer:Re
  14. i found this: http://www.petenetlive.com/KB/Article/0000313.htm
  15. Ok i'm sorry!! I explain you the solution: On SCCM2012 Server: opened on firewall the port 69 UDP On DHCP Server: delete 060 PXEClient add 067 Bootfile Name "SMSBoot\x64\wdsnbp.com" After this change the client start and capture the ip address but at moment of starting the boot i have this new error: I tryed to deleting the two boot present into SCCM and recreated with adk but the view doesn't change!
  16. thank you newadmsccm, i fix my error but now after boot this is the new error and the solution explained on this post not have successfull http://heineborn.com/tech/sccm-2012-troubleshooting-pxe/
  17. Hello guys! I need you! VI decrivo my work environment first of all: Windows Server 2008 R2 with SCCM 2012 RTM installed Serevr Windows 2008 R2 Domain Controller and DHCP role Well ... I have come at the time of deployment Windows 7 in my work environment, after setting everything on the client I get the following error: "PXE-E32: TFTP Open Timeout" I've done several searches without finding a fix right, there is a lot of confusion! I ask you where I could go wrong? THANK YOU and I look forward to the support
  18. Good morning! I open this topic to ask you a strange thing is happening with my server SCCM2007. In the collection I have 600 clients, and for two days I noticed in the column client exits the words NO. This means that the sccm client is not installed, but after a thorough inspection this is not true because I've seen physically on the workstation that the configuration manager is installed. you have solutions Thank you all for the support
  19. Hello, I have some problems with my SCCM 2007 server and I wanted your help! I created an advertisement for the Java RuntimeEnviroment and this is the error Description: The program for advertisment "N0120078 has not yet started because the content fo the package "N010005C" - "Java RuntimeEnvironment 1.6.35 ENG" (version 1) has not been acquired. Possible cause: The content for this program must be downloaded into the computer's cache, or the content could not be located. Solution: If the program is being dowloaded, no action is required. The program will start once the download
  20. Hi I checked the log but does not give me any error for that advertisment!!!
  21. HI, i have a problem with my SCCM 2007. I created an installation package Flash Player and after I created a advertisments. The problem is that the machines receive the task but not part of the installation and waits and creates this event: Advertisement "n34304309" was received from site "Z01" The client passes any supported platform requirements and the SMS will add the advertisement's program to the list That Will Be Displayed to users and / or run via assignment. If an advertisement is received but not displayed on a client, verufy That the current time on the client is be
  22. Hi!!! I have one big question for you In my company of about 600 customers have installed and configured a server SCCM2007 sp2. I proceeded to installing the client ccm, but today I realized that I have duplicate workstation- The strange thing is that almost all of the servers. The boundaries are configured in Active Directory Thanks for the help and sorry for my english
  23. Hi, I have a problem with my server SCCM2007. in particular I can not run the software update. I installed WSUS and I have not configured anything, I proceeded to configure the sccm. When I sync I get the following error: On 11/10/11 14:13:58, component SMS_WSUS_SYNC_MANAGER on computer SERVERNAME reported: SMS WSUS Synchronization failed. Message: WSUS server not configured. Source: CWSyncMgr: DoSync. The operating system reported error 2147500037: Unspecified error For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp I do not d
  24. good morning I have a question for you. SCCM2007 I have a server in my company but these days I have many problems. I ask if I format the server and get one again, I will have problems with the distribution of agents? Do you have a procedure to first uninstall all the agents from the clients? thanks
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