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  1. We’re on the Semi Annual Channel, and not using Intune to deploy Office (traditional imaging) and this bug has plagued us since January 2021. After every Patch Tuesday, random computers with Outlook simply break with “metered connection warning”, “upgrade in progress” and user can’t send email. It’s Computer-based, no one can use Outlook on a bugged PC. HP and Lenovo. Reinstalling Office is the only fix we’ve found (changing channels is essentially reinstall) none of the registry hacks have worked. Sometimes it hits the same machine multiple times so it’s not a one-and-done. Microsoft Support says reinstalling is an acceptable fix in their eyes and won’t pursue it further. We’ve rebuilt our system image from scratch and it’s still happened. Helpdesk is fed up with reinstalling Office for a dozen people the morning after every Office update, but we’re out of ideas.
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