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  1. Hi, I have to enable bitlocker on a WIN7x64 machine during the OSD through SCCM. I have successfully completed the scenario for a WIN7x86 machine using the manage-bde command. For the scenario, I have configured the group policies and the UNC path for the recovery key. I have to generate the startup key on the flash drive. Group policies which i had configured are:- 1. computer configuration>>windows component>>bitlocker drive encryption and enabled the policy choose default folder for bitlocker recovery with a network location. 2. computer configuration>>windows compone
  2. i have sequenced the OFFICE 2007 with the normal sequencing steps and it worked with a success for the end-users. nothings to add unlike sequencing of MS OFFICE 2010. same thing is with the MS OFFICE 2003. it also worked for me with the simple sequencing steps. it would be good if you first try with the simple sequencing steps and try to figure out if any issue comes.
  3. Hi Abdul, Have you installed the OFFVIRT on the client machine? It might be the issue. Also match the archtecture of your machine and your OFFVIRT.
  4. I have been working on the sequencing of the Sales Force Add-in for MS Outlook 2010. But I am finally been not able to sequence it. I had tried the same process what I have done to successfully to sequence the Intuit add-in for Outlook 2010 using DSC. I have sequenced the sales force add-in separately by expanding the MS OFFICE package locally on the sequencer machine. Then I copied the CODEBASE HREF of the from the OSD of the sales force add-in and pasted it to the OSD of the sign in tool and the MS OUTLOOK 2010 under the dependency tag. Then I loaded both the package to the APP-V server
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