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  1. Hi anyweb, thanks for your help. I worked out it was two different version adk and winpe. I updated in same version of adk and winpe. It’s working fine.
  2. Thanks for reply. I can’t get cmd by pressing F8 I don’t know why. I add my boot image properties where I don’t see anything shows cmd enable options.
  3. Thanks for reply appreciate your help.Yes F12 then it’s booting then it shows this screen and keep rebooting not going to task sequence.
  4. Hi I am having pxe boot failed on dell poweredger r710 on vm6.7 machine. I need some help where I am missing out.
  5. Hi mate where did u find the minint folder. My machine is dell poweredge r710 and running server 2019 and in VMware 6.7
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