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  1. Here is the log file. It seems to be complaining about not being able to access the PXE server. Seems odd to me because if that was the case I wouldn't think anything would be working but everything is working fine. All my OSD scripts still work perfectly fine. Thanks for your help. smsts.log
  2. Nevermind I found it on the machine i'm currently tested.. I just glanced through it really quick, kinda seems like it's complaining about my boot files? Which doesn't make too much since cause they work fine with everything else. smsts.log
  3. Thank Niall for all your help. I'm still getting the same type of error. Sorry for such a noob question, I can't find the smsts.log files. I've looked on my SCCM server as well as my PXE server and unable to locate it. Sorry for all the trouble, I don't know whats up with me right now unable to find this log file. Also just an FYI. For the USMT 4 package, what I did was copy my usmt files from my c:\program files\Windows AIK...etc... to my SCCM server under a folder called USMT. And when I built my package I just pointed the data source directly to the x86 folder. That should be fine right? Thanks again.
  4. Thanks for the reply, I'm trying the Offline WinPE one you created. In your steps, you state to just use our current USMT4.0 package and just have the package point directly to the x86 folder. Do I need to associate any programs with that package? Or is it just a basic package that needs the source files to point to the x86 folder? For the RunScanState package, is that just a basic batch file package you created? Also when running the task sequence via WinPE i'm getting an error when running the task. I keep getting an error saying unable to start task sequence, program files cannot be located on the distribution point. How do I verify that? I setup the distrubtion points like I do on all my other packages that work perfectly fine. But for some reason with this one it says it can't find the program files on the distrubution point. I've tried running that batch file you created manually in WinPE and I'm only able to do the scanstate to save my data locally on the C:. When I try pointing it to a server share it complains I don't have permission. But I checked the share and I have full rights to it. I even setup everyone with full control and it still won't save to a network share. I'm able to access the share via command prompt and do whatever I want. But via the script it won't work, is there an switches that need to be done to use my credentials when running the scanstate script? Sorry for the dragged out reply. I know i'm kind of going off subject. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. I downloaded both of your task sequences that you posted to try out. The offline one and the one that upgrades xp to win7 through rap. About the XP to Win7 upgrade script, can that be process through WinPE as well? Or will it only work through RAP?
  6. Is there a thread on here to show how to properly setup the Package and programs for USMT 4.0 to work with 'Offline Mode and XP to Win7 Demo' that you posted? In your post on how to do the process, it just states to use your USMT package, but when doing that I get an error saying it can't locate a program for my package. I tried adding scanstate and loadstae as a program for the package and still get the error. I've double checked my distribution points but still getting the same error. Thanks a bunch for all your help!!!
  7. Thanks for the reply.. You think that would have something to do with these server rebooting during the WinPE phase. Right after WinPE says it's going to start windows (right before the pxe password is prompted) the server just reboots without warning. Hopefully these updates will take care of that issue? Well regardless you're still saying I need to upgrade to SP2 and MDT 2010 to get 2008 R2 deployed right?
  8. Well it doesn't actually matter what OS the server is. Maybe it's the hardware on the server that is causing me issues. I need to deploy Windows 2008 R2 to Dell Poweredge R710 servers. I've uploaded the NIC drivers to the Boot image files for both x86 and x64. When I do a PXE boot on the server it does find my WDS server and does recieve the boot file to boot up. After it downloads via tftp if then configures nic and storage settings. But right after that (right before the password screen usually prompts) the server just reboots with no errors. I've looked at my SMSPXE logs on the WDS server and it doesn't report any errors. SCCM doesn't report any errors as well. I keep thinking it's something to do with the NIC drivers. Or possible the Storage drivers? How do I verify the storage drivers are actually getting pulled to the machine? It just kind of strange to me, because every other machine i've imaged all have booted up flawless with an exception of importing NIC drivers every once in a while. But i've never seen a machine just reboot in WinPE without any warning. Thank you for all your help.. it's greatly appreciated.
  9. You know that could be it. I just have it using the regular network adapter and not the Legacy Network Adapter. I'm going to switch that and try again. Thanks for all your input.
  10. How do you have the Network Adapters setup? For some reason everytime I boot this machine using either Bootable Media or PXE it says it can't find a valid network adapter. Seems like it's not even seeing the nic to install the drivers. Thanks again
  11. Is it possible to build Server and Workstation images on a virtual environment such has Hyper V? I'm having an issue with booting up my virtual machines with PXE to upload my images after I configure them. I've tried PXE Booting and it won't work, i've also tried creating a bootable media and still no luck. When booting up with the Bootable Media, it gives an error stating that it was unable to find a valid network adapter. I know when I read other forums they suggest using Virtual PC 2007, which I hope it's not the case and I can use Hyper V. I've tried adding all the VM drivers to the bootable images that I extracted from 'Integration Setup Disks'. And still no luck. Thanks for all your help.
  12. Well I got to work without manually configuring WDS. I spoke with one of the microsoft engineers and suggested if you want pxe booting available to all computers no matter what. You just advertise a task sequence to the collection "all unknown computers' and don't make the task mantitory and it will give you the option to select what task sequence you want during the boot (which will reflect a pxe boot menu) So that actually answers both of the posts I submited a few days ago. I've tested this and it works perfectly. Thanks again.
  13. I'm having the same exact issue on an older computer. I have my PXE service roll to except unknown computers and i've placed my task sequence in the 'unknown computers' collection. At first I was getting the same error about \boot\bcd error so I tried your recommendation on adding 64bit drivers for testing. And now i'm getting an whole new error: File: \WINDOWS\system32\boot\winload.exe Status: 0x000035a Info: Attempting to load a 64-bit application, however the CPU is not compatible with 64-bit mode. I've tried every possible driver for this machine. Not sure if it's a driver related issue or a hardware issue with this computer. any help with be appreciated. Thanks again.
  14. Is there a way to add 'user name' in an existing collection? When going to add/remove columns, I don't see an option to add 'user names' as a column. The reason why this would be prefered is because when a user calls in 90% of the time they have no idea what the computer name is or anything like that. It's just a lot easier getting their user name and finding what computer they're currently on. I know you can do this in Query's, but the thing that sucks is that you can't remote a machine in a query, you have to do it in collections. Thanks,
  15. Thanks for the reply. Well the thing is, I have WDS/DHCP on a different server then my SCCM server. So currently SCCM is used to configure WDS. WDS isn't actually configured using the wizards on the WDS Server itself, so I don't get the WDS menu to add Boot and Image files to the system. When I go to Server Administrator and look at WDS it shows it's not configured since SCCM is taking care of it. How would I add those boot images and install images to the WDS in this senario? Also when I boot up a bare metal machine that isn't apart of SCCM it does boot to PXE. It just gets the error waiting for approval and eventually reboots itself. Thanks again.
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