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  1. Problem was not fixed. Multicast was not functioning correctly over network. Went to a different setup to get around the problem.
  2. I did see that one. This one helped me. http://social.technet.microsoft.com/forums/en-US/winserversetup/thread/77650cb0-d22d-4050-9736-0ace84271da6
  3. I am having an issue where occasional casting groups will run very slow. I am talking 180 KB and it normally varies between 3000KB and 5000KB. There have been no changes to the system and no increase traffic on the network.
  4. How does having a DHCP multicast scope affect WDS deployments? I am thinking about creating a multicast scope and am wondering if it will improve the current procedure or just give me more headaches? My current multicast session is creating a problem with one of our Bizhub printers that is on the same vlan and switch as the transmission. When the deployment is in the "copying files" phase, the users will get an printout error. When the deployment is in the "extracting files" phase, they can print fine. Right now I am trying to change the VLan that the server is on and trying to get the clients on the same vlan and am having headaches. Any and all insights would be appreciated.
  5. I had to update the IOS on my Cisco routers with the IP Services IOS.
  6. WDS installs TFTP server on the WDS server. Make sure to allow TFTP traffic through the firewalls.
  7. I need some serious help. I can deploy my images fine, but they are unicast/broadcast. I am trying to setup a multicast and am having no luck. I followed the guide here to setup the multicast session on the WDS server. As far as I can tell it is setup correctly, but it does not see the clients. Under properties for the Multicast IP address it is setup to get the ip address from the DHCP server. No settings have been altered on the DHCP server in regards to multicasting, I am not sure if any changes need to be made. there are 3 cisco 3550 and 1 cisco 3750 switches between the virtual server that is hosting the WDS server and the clients. IGMP snooping is enabled on all switches. The correct VLANs and all ports are selected under the Multicast Router Ports tab. Fast port is enabled on the corresponding ports on all switches. I can let you know the other settings if it is necessary. I have a large number of systems that need to have an image deployed to them and it is currently killing the bandwidth and taking forever. Please any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  8. It is working. I am not sure if it was a Port Fast issue or VLAN issue, due to the fact that both changes were made before I tested.
  9. I will tackle the Cisco switch another time. I found an old HP 24 port hub that is doing the trick just fine. Thanks for the help
  10. I am a cisco noob. Where do I go using the network assistant to check that?
  11. Here is the scenerio. 1. the PXE server is found, and i choose my OS-Install option 2. the server downloads boot data to my client 3. the setup environment starts (blue/green bkgrnd) 4. an error message dialog is displayed, "WdsClient: An error occurred while obtaining an IP address from the DHCP server. Please check to ensure that there is an operational DHCP server on this network segment." I know it is an issue with the switch, I just do not know how to fix it. The WDS server goes through 2 other switches to hit the last switch. If I remove the third switch it will load the image fine. I hook up the Cisco 3550 in order to get more connections and it doesn't work. The first two switches are also Cisco 3550. The setting look to be identical. One post I saw said to make sure STP is enabled and it is. Any suggestions besides using an 8-port Netgear switch. I am not very Cisco savy yet.
  12. I changed Option 67 to \boot\x86\wdsnbp.com and then added a 64-bit boot.wim. So far everything is looking good. Thank you so much for the added insight.
  13. Option 66 does point to the wds server. I did try pointing option 67 to wdsnbp.com however it kept searching for x64 instead of x86.
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