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  1. Yes, The Client is on the same subnet, I removed Both DHCP Options but still no luck. I went into WDS and configured it as mentioned in the Deploying Windows Vista guide, Delay PXE Response to 10 Seconds. However I just went back into server roles to uninstall WDS and then Reinstalled it without configuring. Now when a client boots it just sits at DHCP..... and never boots to anything. I have a task to deploy win 7 to a collection with 1 Machine added. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi, I have a problem with an SCCM client trying to boot to PXE. My setup includes one server which has AD, DNS and DHCP installed, and 1 server as the SCCM Server with WDS. I also have 1 client machine with no OS loaded. I'm trying to have it boot with PXE. However it doesn't boot to the SCCM boot file, it tries to boot to the WDS boot file. I have configured it so WDS won't load till 10 seconds in. So the delay is set. If I try to press F12 then it errors out as I don't have any WDS boot Image set. I have added the client machine into SCCM and assigned the task of deploying win 7 32 bit to the machine by taking its Bios Guid and Mac Address. The task is assigned and advertised and all distribution points have been updated. I'm wondering if I don't have the settings inside DHCP all correct. I've seen so many variances of what should be there and I am unsure of what Option 66 and 67 should be set to. Can somebody post what those should be at? Thanks
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