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  1. I have 38 locations where i have installed DP. On primaray site i have 5 servers for SCCM infrastructure. The thing which is stopping me is to add more hardware for MDT which i dont hav. as far as i know i need to add 1 extra machine on every location where i have PXE enabled and where i need this functionality. AM i right ? Regards
  2. Hi, can you please share any example or article you have on how to script it ? As i already told you we dont have MDT in our environment. i want to achive this only using SCCM. Please help
  3. Hi Anyweb: I am waiting for your input on the above mentioned query
  4. Hi Anyweb, is it possible to use HTA with SCCM 2007 R3 without having MDT, we have just SCCM no MDT server and we want to use LDAP authentication before running OSD. is it doable ? Regards
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