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  1. Hi, I've many problems with my PXE and WDS connections. I've ready many tutorials on internet on how to resolve : Disable PXE in DP Wait for WDS to be removed reboot reenable PXE in DP and wait for WDS to be reinstalled. My problem is that I can't disable PXE in DP, event if I launch the console in admin mode. Does any1 got an idea ?
  2. Hello, The question is perhaps very tricky but how to you configure SCCM 2012 to install application that are only an executable. I know the switch command to insall it in silent mode but I don't know how to define it in sccm Shall I create a package then an application ? Only an application ? I've googled but I've only find how to based on msi files How some can open my mind !
  3. I made it worked ! As autorun is disable by default you have 2 options : 1. enable autorun in local policy 2. run the command in a dos shell as full path : \sms\bin\i386\tsmbautorun.exe Have fun.
  4. Here is the output of the smsts.log. Variables are defined in the computer variable tab. And in the TS, I've created a step "Run Command Line", defined in the command line : setres.exe H%Hres% V%Vres% b16 and select a package which contains the setres.exe Expand a string: smsswd.exe /run:HEG0000C setres.exe H%Hres% V%Vres% b16 TSManager 04.06.2012 14:53:41 1368 (0x0558) Expand a string: TSManager 04.06.2012 14:53:41 1368 (0x0558) Command line for extension .exe is "%1" %* TSManager 04.06.2012 14:53:41 1368 (0x0558) Set command line: smsswd.exe /run:HEG0000C setres.exe H%Hres% V%Vres%
  5. The fact that I can use a global TS which read the value for each computer/collection
  6. Ok I've created a step like this : setres.exe H%Hres% V%Vres% b16 HRes and Vres are variables set to computer. Problem : during the OSD, the value are empty.
  7. Hi, I want to have in my TS the screen resolution change. So I've created 2 variables on my computers Xres and Yres to set to the good value. Now my question (which is very tricky I'm sure), how can I use this variables in a "Run Command Line" step ? Thx in advance for your help.
  8. I've made some change to my Boot Image. Then I've clicked "update distribution point" and I can now see that it's still in progress for 7 days. The boot image a standard boot image (100Mb). I've try to for the update by switch to copy manually but it's still in progress. Anyone got an idea to stop the update and repush it ?
  9. Peter33, you're a MAN..... now I need to find in the team which is guy that as renable the f**cking option to hide known extension !!!!
  10. Hi, I'm trying to run a script which is in a package during my TS Deploying Windows. I've followed this post : http://www.windows-n...task-sequences/ I'm getting an error 0x80070002. I don't know why but there is nothing in the smsts.log and I can't open the command prompt during the TS (i've enabled the option under Customization. Finally I've catched a log : Expand a string: smsswd.exe /run:HEG00014 .\activateWindows.bat TSManager 16.05.2012 16:13:58 3760 (0x0EB0) Expand a string: TSManager 16.05.2012 16:13:58 3760 (0x0EB0) Command line for extension .exe is "%1" %* TS
  11. Hi, I'm just asking myself a "stupid" question. What is the added value to use MDT task Sequence in stead of classic sequence ? Thx for your answer.
  12. I've just rerun. Yes the path is full, there is full acces. I've even try to run the CM console as Administrator. But I'm not sure the problem is with this as the WIM file is created fine. It's only the sequence which is not "imported"
  13. Hi, I've installed on a new server SCCM 2012 and MDT 2012. I've run th MDT Integration as Administrator to include it in SCCM. I've try to create a MDT Task Sequence but I get the following error : Started processing. Creating boot image. Copying WIM file. Mounting WIM file. WIM file mounted. Setting Windows PE system root. Set Windows PE system root. Set Windows PE scratch space. Adding standard components. Adding component: winpe-mdac Adding extra content from: C:\Users\$heginfo\AppData\Local\Temp\2\xgmddlyy.x4a Unmounting WIM. Copying WIM to the package source direct
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