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  1. Hi, I have SCCM 1706 and am trying to deploy a package to a collection of ~6k machines. In the deployment status under monitoring, the success count shows a 4500 but the unknown status shows 5k which is unsusal. Looks like I did something wrong and not sure what. Can you help?
  2. Think of an application that needs restart of the machine after install to work correctly. it’s not a good idea to force reboot the machine during the package deployment . To address this ,we present a message to the USER. Currently , we add msg.exe command at the end of the install.cmd to display this message. In CM 2012 , we will not have install.cmd…So there are 2 question that need to be addressed Where do we add this message commandIf it’s added to the application object then when the application object is used in the OSD task sequence then the package install will have problem, in CM 2007 (our environment), We addressed this by creating 2 separate programs ( One with message , other without message) . The program without the message is added to the TS. Please advice. Many Thanks, Surya
  3. Hi there, Can anyone help me with the framework or a design of the app component model in CM12?? am new to sccm 2012 and am looking for some help basically with the app component model design in general.. Many Thanks, Surya
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