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  1. Thank you for your reply! I truely appreciate the hard work you do in creating these instructions. No where else have I found such clear, understandable, and accurate lab instructions. Keep up the great work. I have verified that the applications that were installed during the capture task sequence are not installed/ They include 7-Zip x64, ConfigMgr 2007 Toolkit V2, and Infrarecorder 0.52 x64 edition. During the build and capture process I verified that all three applications installed correctly. During the deployment process, I added an additional application;Skype. It is infact the
  2. Hello All, Please correct me if I am wrong but it seems to me that we installed severalapplications during the build and capture task sequence then we added a new application in the deployment task sequence. When the deployment was completed and the new machine logged on, the only application that appeared to be installed was the one we added during the deploymnt task sequence... It is my understanding that since the first three applications were installed before the capture was completed, they should have been part of the OS image. Am I missing something? Thank You, Eric D. Craven
  3. Hello All, I have a question regarding the application installation part of creating the task sequence. I have only one application in my software library which is XML Notepad 2007 but when I click the yellow star to add it to the task sequence, no applications are listed. Anyone have any idea why that might be? The task sequence works flawlessly otherwise... Thank You, Eric D. Craven
  4. Dear Experts, During the first step of this guide, we create a domain user named ClientInstall. Later, we use this user to push client installation to the Domain controller. It is said that this user must be a local administrator on all destination computers yet you cannot add local administrators to a Domain Controller. What should be done about this situation? Eric
  5. Please pardon my lack of knowledge and inexperience but where would I find these log files and what should they look like? This is literally my very first time messing around with any sort or server or SCCM configurations. Thank You, Eric Craven
  6. Can anyone help? I am new to SCCM and an trying to learn it in a lab environment. I have successfully setup a vmware lab based on the guides provided by this site. I have followed every step in these guides and have experienced success with everything, however, when I try to open software center on my domain controller, the WIndow is white with nothing displayed inside. Also, when I click on Configuration manager in control panel, There are many properties on the general tab and many actions missing from the actions tab. Any Advice? Eric Craven
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