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  1. On the technet forum topic about this problem Michael Peterson helped me with the solution to this situation He made a blog post that can be found here: http://blog.coretech.dk/mip/reuse-old-pc-name-during-standalone-osd/ After that the steps I made in the TS are: Made a group in my TS called "Offline Scanstate in WinPE" Add TS Variable that maps %systemdrive% to C: Add command line that creates a temp folder on de C: partition Add command line that copy's the .vbs to the temp folder created in step 3 directly from the package. Made a group in my TS called preinstall scripts Run the .vbs from %systemdrive%\tempfolder Hope this helps others looking at for a fix to this situation too.
  2. Ok, tested and it does not work, problem still persists.
  3. At this point im playing with the "capture windows settings" step to migrate the computername but without to much extra steps I dont think this will work out of the box in WinPE.
  4. Hello, To start with some info. Our company runs SCCM 2007 R3 and we are migrating all XP machines to 7x86. All computers that are connected to the network by a fast or medium LAN/WAN connection run fine with the use of one primary and a couple of secondary sites that initiate OSD by Client or PXE. The problem that I have exists only to the small slow WAN branch offices that we want to migrate using USB keys that are offcourse created with the TS Media Wizard. So far everything works splendid as the image deploys nicely and when done SCCM does the rest. The problem I have is that the client computers will have a computername set like MINNT-XXXX And I want them to just use the AD Computernames like they had. Computer AB12 should have the same name after migration. All systems that install/migrate with Client OSD or PXE do this fine, only USB boot OSD's have this problem. Client or PXE OSD is not an option, it's no point in suggesting this as it is not in my hands. There must be something easy that I forget. Probably something to do with variables. The task sequence (relevant part) is build up pretty steight forward like this: Restart in Windows PE (var: _SMSTSinWinPE equals "false") Partition disk 0 (var: _SMSTSClientCache not exists) Apply Operating System Apply Windows Settings Apply Network Settings Etc. The only thing different is obviously that the first step "Restart in Windows PE" is bypassed as the computer boots from USB. therefore the variable _SMSTSinWinPE equals "false" might not run? don't get me wrong, I did not remove this step from the TS but my guess is that it will be bypassed automatically. The logs after deployment don't tell me much, only that the machine name is changed to MINNT-XXX and was "unknown" telling me it probably was unable to query WMI as the stage was bypassed and partitioning the disk already begun before that. Is there something easy i'm missing, skipping etc.. ? I'd rather not use to much VBS but if there is no other solution I'm open for suggestions, although im not good in scripting. With Kind Regards, Jeffrey
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