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  1. also when i check the configuration properties of the clent it show the following client certificate none connection type unknown version 5.007561
  2. the installation of the client now appears on the client computers but it shows white without any information. any help
  3. in addition to the above errors i get the following warningns sms_hierarcy_manager shows warning sms_client_config_manager sms_site_component_manager sms_database_notification_monitor sms_mp_control_manager i need your advice on the issues
  4. my client installing is not appearing on the client computers i checkes the monitoring and found the following errors sys_ad_system_group_discovery_agent showing critical sys_ad_system_discovery_agent shows critical sys_ad_security_group_discovery_agent showing critical sys_ad_user_discovery_agent shows critical sys_portalweb_control_manger shows critical sys_awebsvc_control_manger shows critical any ideas and solutions
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