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  1. Actually, turns out its not a problem with any task sequence, we are having much worse issues. Our SCCM is not working, our network access account is locking and SCCM cannot access our SQL server that hosts the SMS database. Just found out as i was typing this response, from our DBA that the SMS service on the database terminated and wont successfully restart. Thank you for your response though.
  2. Thanks, I did try that, sorry I forgot to mention it. I've also tried this http://scug.dk/blogs...-from-a-ts.aspx in its own task sequence both task sequences start up in WinPE then immediately restart. So I don't get any error message at all. If my backup location is a network location do I need to provide the task sequence with a username and password to login?
  3. Hi, This looks like a great tool. And my coworker and I definitely appreciate your guys site, we've been using it a lot for our Windows 7 deployment. We are trying to do a no touch deployment from Windows XP to Win7 64, however, due to paranoia we are required to take a backup image of every users machine before we migrate them to Win7. So I'm wondering if you have documented anywhere how to perform a network backup through WinPE in a SCCM Task sequence. It looks like you can do it through this HTA, but we would prefer not to have to use the HTA since we already know what we will be doing with each PC. Any help would be much appreciated.
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