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  1. IS DHCP installed on the SCCM server or on a remote server?
  2. Did you check the box "Deploy this boot image from the PXE service point" under you boot images for both x86 and x64
  3. Great blog on how to move computers between OUs during OSD, great if you like me deploy computer object to a staging OU during deployment and then want to move it to a different OU later in the deployment http://blog.coretech.dk/jgs/vbscript-move-computer-object-to-another-ou-via-command-line-parameter/
  4. http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/de-DE/windowsservergewusstwiede/thread/71a74c16-cda2-4235-8e77-d5ea267bc823/ This one workes great! to get it fully working i had to change to OU it adds the computer to a "Staging OU" without any wsus policys and run the update.cmd as a commandline instead of a program install. It displays the progress of the update download and update installation in the task sequence. Great if you dont have SUP on your SCCM server.
  5. My bad! both worked very well, i just forgot that i used my labb tasksequence where i deploy an old image. I guess the second one worked best as it even installed SP1 for windows 7
  6. Hello. Is there a way to install WSUS updates from a remote server in a tasksequence? i already tried to 2 solutions below. However they install ALL updates including the once i already have installed. for example SP1 for windows 7. Is there a way to install only to updates that have not already been installed? http://www.supportweblog.com/2011/06/10/mdt-2010-how-to-install-wsus-updates-during-sccm-task-sequence/#comment-52 http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/de-DE/windowsservergewusstwiede/thread/71a74c16-cda2-4235-8e77-d5ea267bc823/
  7. Everything is working fine now. installed MDT and created 2 new MDT boot images and added my drivers. WDS server is still ok
  8. Think i got it fixed. Problem is i did 3 things at once and restarted the server. so most likely one of these limited the PXE threads to 1 http://blogs.technet.com/b/configurationmgr/archive/2011/02/28/new-kb-article-a-configuration-manager-2007-pxe-service-point-causes-the-windows-deployment-services-server-service-to-crash-and-hang.aspx Followed below and assigned permissions to the SMS Agent Host Application http://coreworx.blogspot.com/2010/06/event-id-10016-distributedcom.html And i also changed the startup type of the WDS service from Auto to Auto (delayed start) Iv
  9. And another thing is that when i restart the SCCM server it takes forever before i can use RDP to connec to it. if i use the console i can see that its trying to connect to the network and it takes about 5 minutes until its connected.
  10. Hello. I have now reinstalled the SCCM server. Removed the server all together and the system manegement container. I followed the guides by anyweb everything worked fine PXE boot application deployment updates the works. After a windows update of the SCCM server restarted and now the WDS service is not starting, its stuck in "starting" I dont have MDT installed now, i can get it working again by reinstalling the WDS role but as soon as i restart the server the WDS service stops working. What logg files should i check to try and get this fixed? Im also wondering if this could be
  11. Hi. I have a problem in my labb with SCCM 2012 RC1, everything was working fine untill i Installed MDT 2012 beta 2. After that when i restart my SCCM server the WDS server is in "Starting" and all my options are greyed. I think this started when i first installed MDT 2012 beta 2. i have tried reinstalling the WDS role using SCCM:s PXE option under distribution point. removed all the drivers. removed boot images. and then redeployed them. After a couple of hours i decided to just roll back using my snapshot and reinstall everything from scratch. This time i insatlled MDT 2012
  12. Turns out i didnt need to remove the 2 SMS certificates i just needed to uninstall the CCM client and remove SMSCFG.ini and then reinstall the SMS client. Tried removing SMSCFG.ini before and reinstalling the CCM client from the SCCM console. But i never tried uninstalling it first.
  13. I got it sorted. I uninstalled the SCCM client, removed the SMSCFG.ini and the 2 SMS certificates from 2 computers. I then reinstalled the SCCM clients and within a couple of minutes it changed to "Yes" Now i just need to figure out how to do this on about 50 more computers
  14. Think i found something in the ClientIDManagerStartup.log Client settings prohibit local GUID generation, no smsid will be (re)generated. Smsid is missing but (re)generation is disabled. any ideas?
  15. Hello. I have a problem on about 30% of my windows 7 machines that the client is not reporting to the SCCM server that the client is installed. if i look at the logs everything seems fine. both LocationService and ClientLocation logg. i tried troubleshooting using this blog but nothing helped. http://eskonr.com/2010/11/sccm-client-installation-troubleshooting-steps-check-list/ When i manually start the User and Machine policy from the ccm client it changes to Yes but i still cannot install any applications and its not send the inventory. I tried a while ago to initiated it on so
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