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  1. I guess I answered my own question. I deleted the image, deleted the task and built it all from scratch again and things started working. I don't know why this would have worked as everything looks the same to me but I must have missed some step along the way. Thanks again for these informative posts. Edit: I realized that I answered too soon. Image deployment works for new systems. Existing systems will image but do no pickup the client. I'm guessing there is something hanging up because of the fact that the system is already showing up in the Configuration Console as an Active Cli
  2. These posts are brilliant. I greatly appreciate the information as I have yet to find a step by step tutorial anywhere else like this one. Thank you! I'm hoping you might have a suggestion for me. Currently we use Altiris and will be moving away from it as soon as SCCM 2012 is released for reasons that I won't mention here....In any case, I have one very clean, basic WIM image that I currently use in Altiris. I have imported it and am able to deploy it thanks to your instructions. The one part where I'm getting hung-up on is that the Microsoft Configuration Manager Client never gets
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