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  1. Go to the All Systems collection. You should see all unknown computers listed there as 'unknown'. Double click to get to properties and look at the MAC address. Once you find the one you are looking for either assign it to the right deployment collection or just delete it. Hope that helps
  2. *resolved* [11/3/2011] FEP installed and integrated on and with SCCM Server. FEP client installed sucessfully on SQL server and SCCM server as well as my workstation. The deployment status for those three machines is - Deployed. All the other machines that I have advertised the program to are at status - Pending. This is true even though the task actually executed on some machines and successfully installed the FEP client. I have waited a couple of days (over the weekend), rebooted the server a number of times, and uninstalled / reinstalled FEP on the server - this resulted in the protec
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