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  1. Joe's solution was spot on! Uploaded the OEM file and SCCM now recognizes the driver and allows me to select it.
  2. Good evening, I've recently starting taking over SCCM activities at my place of work and as I've started to work on our PXE boot to load OSs on bare computers, I've come across some problems and I'm hoping someone with more knowledge and experience can at least point me in the right direction. Here's what's happening, I'll explain it all as best I can: Turn on the computer and press F12 to go into the Network Boot. Wait for it to contact the server and then press F12 again to Network Boot. It loads the boot image... The standard SCCM screen comes up and says Windows is Starting and then applies it's drivers. Next, JUST before it would normally get to the Login screen where we put in our password before we can select which task sequence we want to run, the background is all that is seen and then the computer restarts. So, my question is this, is there a log somewhere that will tell me exactly whats happening at the point when it's restarting? I could probably figure it out if I knew which log to look at but I'm still learning my way around all the logs and what they say and I haven't come across the right one yet. So if anyone has any idea what the problem may be or what log I should be looking at, I would greatly appreciate any assistance!
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